You Are What You Do

Jesus assumes that your actions flow out of your identity. That is if you are a baby, you cry. If you are a human, you reason and feel and act. If you are a dog, you bark. The identity we have in Christ is simply one that is saved. We have been saved. We are Christ's. We are in him. 

Our actions stem from this identity. However, there is an another aspect of our discipleship. That is, our actions also inform our affections. Our identity is something that can't change. But what about when we don't feel like we're saved? What about when we don't feel like loving God?

Love him still. God designed us to be whole people. Our actions aren't driven by our affections but instead our actions shape our affections. If I practice loving my wife, I will begin to love her more. If I practice sin, I will begin to love sin more. If I practice obeying God, I will begin to love him more.